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German Nougat – Gianduja

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German nougat is different from nougat you get anywhere else, I learned. German Nougat is Gianduja, a mass made from nuts, sugar and chocolate. A smooth delicious paste, melting in your mouth.


To make this nougat you need a blender, a professional one, otherwise the mass will not get smooth enough. There should be no pieces in it and it also should not be coarse in any kind.

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What you can do with it?
Bake a cake, bake cookies, make an ice cream (Baccio), make some pralines or just eat it with a spoon.
You can use this paste also to make your own Hazelnut Cream spread.

German Nougat or Gianduja
Recipe Type: Cakes
Cuisine: German
Author: germancooking.net
  • 500 gr part Hazelnuts
  • 500 gr icing sugar
  • 600 gr Milk Chocolate.
  • And you need a professional blender.
  1. Roast the nuts and remove the skin (with almonds remove skin before roasting).
  2. Put the nuts in the blender and blend them for some seconds. Add sugar and keep blending until smooth.It is quite warm now.
  3. Add the chocolate step by step and keep mixing.
  4. It should not get to hot, otherwise the chocolate begins to curdle.



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