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There are a lot of different Baguette recipes out there. Most recipes take a long time with pre-dough and long resting times. A 2 day process in Baguette making is not unusual.

This is a straight Baguette dough and as such takes not as long as other Baguette methods. This Recipe I found in a Baguette making class by Jeffrey Hamelman.



You need:

1kg all purpose wheat flour
20 g salt
4 g instant yeast
750 g water

and a still lot of time …. (about 5 hours, with breaks)

Mix all ingredients with a spatula, just until no dry flour is left in the bowl. Do not knead the dough. It may look a bit rough, but that is OK.
Cover the dough with a plastic bag and let rest for 30 minutes.
Fold the dough in the bowl 20 times by taking your spatula right under the dough and fold it over the top to the opposite side of the bowl. Turn the bowl a bit and continue for about 20-25 times.

Let the dough rest for another 30 minutes, cover it again with a plastic bag.

Repeat the folding and resting fife more times, so in total 6 times.
So after 3 hours your dough should be soft and stretchy. You can let it rest for a bit longer the last time. Resting the dough helps to develop flavor.

Divide the dough in 6 parts of about 300 g each.
Form a ball out of each part but do not knead the dough. Do not press the air out and
use only little bit of flour on your bench or hands, just to keep it dry.

This should then look like this:

IMG_2242 IMG_2252

Let the dough rest for about 25 minutes and then start forming the baguettes by lightly pressing the ball to a flat shape and fold the upper edged to the middle and press it together. Not to much, you need the air in the dough. Turn over and fold again the upper edge over to the lower. Now your dough loos like a baguette already.

Then use your hand and roll it to the length you would like it to have, or to the length your oven has.

Put it up side down in some baker linen, so the seam is up and let rest for 1 hour.


Preheat your oven to 250C (480F). I nake my baguette as all my bread on a Pizza Stone. Place a dry iron casting pan below your stone (not on the bottom of your oven). Heat everything up.

Transfer the baguettes on a paper or something you can use to place them in the hot oven and score them.


Put the Baguette in the oven on your hot stone.Once you have the Baguette in the oven put boiling water in the dish and quickly close the oven.

Bake for 16-24 minutes.

IMG_2246 IMG_2249

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