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The Chemistry of Bread-Making

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Bread baking involves quite some chemical reactions, and not only chemical, but biological as well.

I came across an article of bread baking chemistry I would like to share with you. They have a nice chart of what happens within the bread making process.


But not only the chemistry is important, the flour is important as well and flour is not just flour. There are many types of flour, not only the different grains, but also the method of milling makes a difference.

Here a table of different wheat flour types in the different countries. Similar charts you find on the internet fro rye and other grains.

Ash Protein Wheat flour type
US UK German French Italian
~0.4% ~9% pastry flour soft flour 405 40 00
~0.55% ~11% all-purpose flour plain flour 550 55 0
~0.8% ~14% high gluten flour strong or hard 812 80 1
~1.1% ~15% first clear flour very strong or hard 1050 110 2
>1.5% ~13% white whole wheat wholemeal 1600 150 Farina integrale di grano tenero

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